Blogs I Follow

A list of travel blogs that have inspired me over the past year. WARNING! – reading these blogs can be hazardous to your comfort zone.


Matt Kapers’ site is my go-to website for all things budget travel related. He’s been everywhere, from exotic desert islands to big metropolis cities all over the world. His site has invaluable advice on how to save you money every step of the way.


Chris Stevens is a travelling surfer and lives his life constantly by the beach. The best thing about his blog is that he nicely breaks down the exact cost of his continuous days on the road into monthly amounts, showing you just how cheap it can be to live constantly in paradise.


Hannah and Adam, an American couple who quit the American dream to travel the world instead. The best thing about their site is the photography, they make every destination they visit look amazing. It’s also full of tips, tricks and great itineraries of things to see and do all over the world.


Michael Huxley is a charge nurse who has managed to maintain a full career at the same time as travelling the world and is proof that you can have a great professional career and travel at the same time. He’s an expert on travel health and the importance of responsible tourism. He’s also a fellow Liverpudlian.


Chris Guillebeau writes this unbelievably inspiring blog called The Art of Non-Conformity. A site about life, work, and travel, which core message is “you don’t have to live your life the way others expect.” He managed to visit every country in the world, 193 of them, all before he was 35.