Bucket List Moments

My bucket list is a constantly changing and growing list of things I WILL do or see one day. This is some of the things I’ve ticked off so far.



  • See Radiohead live – Saw the best band in the world play in Manchester. Twice.


  • Visit New York City – Spent a week exploring this amazing city.
  • Get in a taxi and say “follow that car” – Said this as soon as I got into a New York taxi. The driver laughed.


  • Drink tequila in Mexico – Spent two weeks chilling on the beach and drinking tequila at breakfast.


  • Buy a house – Now rented out and funding some of my travels.


  • Play a guitar live – First full band gig with Evoss at The Lomax, Liverpool.


  • Play on the same stage as Radiohead – The Krazyhouse, Liverpool. Radiohead played there in 1992.
  • A Spontaneous weekend away – Prague, the trip that changed my life.
  • Get lost in a foreign city – Mistakenly got the wrong bus from Prague airport.


  • Visit Australia – After 10 years of wanting to visit I finally got my chance. I spent 2 weeks in March and then another 2 weeks in November, exploring just a tiny part of this beautiful country, with my gorgeous girlfriend, Jules.
  • See a live F1 race – The Melbourne Grand Prix, Australia. My favourite track.
  • Learn to surf (sort of) – On Torquay beach, Australia. I face planted the water many times before finally managing to stand up.
  • Write and direct a short film – I love films, so I had a go at making my own. It’s called ‘The Blindfolded Man’, you can give it a watch here; The Blindfolded Man
  • Bungee JumpOff Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. The 3rd highest bungee jump in the world. I hit 70mph in 2 seconds. Amazing!
  • SkydiveOver the beautiful Mossel Bay, South Africa. Done the extreme ride where we flipped over and spun around a lot. I saw land, sky, sea, land, sky, sea, land, sky, sea, but then Nella (my instructor) pulled the chute and I was floating to the ground with one of the best views I’ve ever seen. You can give both my bungee jump and skydive a watch here; My Bungee Jump & Skydive (excuse my terrible dancing at the start)
  • Go on an African SafariTwo game drives, one early morning, one in the afternoon at Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.
  • Cage dive with great white sharksin Gansbaai, South Africa. The shark capital of the world. A massive one swam past so close that I actually said ‘wow!’ under water. Cannot believe I’ve actually ticked this off my bucket list.


  • Take a year off work – Took a long overdue break from my job of 10 years.
  • Try some form of acting – I played a character in my band’s first music video; Evoss – Reflections
  • Get my PADI Open Water – Got fully qualified to scuba dive all over the world, while on Koh Tao, Thailand; Bucket List Moment – PADI Open Water
  • Chill on a hammock at the beach – I chilled all day on Rabbit Island, just off the coast of Cambodia.
  • Travel up Vietnam – I travelled slowly, from south to north, in this beautiful country, all the way to the amazing Ha Long Bay.
  • Visit China – Two short trips to Shanghai and Hong Kong. I love Chinese food.
  • Visit Japan – Only one short week in this incredible country. I hope to go back one day soon.
  • Have Christmas at the beach – On Torquay Beach, Australia.