Exploring – Singapore 

Crazy architecture and very tasty food…

Singapore is a small cosmopolitan city-state with a very multicultural population. Big banks have their headquarters here, making it a global financial center.

Singapore was everything I thought it would be. A big metropolis full of tall buildings, amazing architecture, but still with some really old back streets. The city is the cleanest place I’ve been all year. Which probably has something to do with the $1000 fine for dropping litter.

The first thing I notest was how little traffic there is on the roads. I’d later find out that the reason for this is the fact that you have to have a permit to drive a car. Somtimes costing $50,000 (and it only lasts 10 years). Combine that with the 100% inport tax and you have the answer to the lack of car on the roads. 

The first thing we did after having a quick look around was get some food. I’d heard that the food in Singapore was amazing. And it didn’t disappoint. 

Amazing food

After dinner we headed down to the Marina Bay to see the Marina Sands hotel. One of the strangest shaped buildings you’ll ever see. 

Marina Sands

Our first full day there we got up early for our free breakfast at the hostel. It was a really hot day. But still we walked to little India and had an amazing curry for lunch. It’s never too hot for curry.

Indian food

Next we got the hop on hop off bus all the way out to the botanic gardens. The sun was now beating down on us in the middle of the day. It was roasting. We lasted 60 minutes walking around the massive gardens before we headed back in to the city. We stopped at the Gardens By The Bay, overlooked by the massive Marina Sands hotel.

Gardens By The Bay

Exotic trees

Marina Bay

By the time we’d had a little walk round, the heat of the day had taken its toll. We headed back to the sanctuary of the hostel aircon and chilled out before getting a late dinner in an amazing Thai restaurant just down the road.

The next day it was raining so we had a lay in. Once the rain stopped we headed over to China town. There we had lunch at a Michelin stared street food restaurant. 

Michelin stared street food

After walking all around China town for half the day and having a local desert called snow ice, we headed back over to the Marina Sands hotel and went up to the obsvation deck at the top. 

Snow ice

View from the top

The view from the top was amazing with the wind cooling us down and giving us a reprieve from the hot weather.

Our last day in Singapore was spent chilling and wandering round the air conditioned Suntec Mall, before catching our late flight back to Manchester.

Although expensive, Singapore was easily one of my favourite cities I’ve visited in the past year, and a great way to end my 12 months of travel. 

Some Useful Info:

Country – Singapore 

Language – Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English

Currency – Singapore Dollar

£1 GBP – 1.8 Singapore Dollars 

Accommodation – Five Stones Hostel

Main Activities – Sightseeing, walking, eating 

Time Spent Exploring – 4 days

Avaradge Daily Cost – £113.82

Date Explored – May 2017

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