Why Travel?

They say travel broadens the mind and teaches you about yourself. Well, it taught me that I was in need of an escape from the mundane for a while.

It was the end of August 2014. I’d just turned 30 years old and hadn’t been on holiday in over 3 years. So, out of character, I spontaneously booked a flight and went to Prague, alone, with just 6 hours notice.

That short trip changed my life.

I’m a naturally reserved person by nature. Growing up I was always the shy one in the corner. An introvert (hence the blog name). It didn’t come naturally for me to just walk up to strangers and start talking to them, and even though I’m nowhere near as shy as I used to be, flying to a foreign country on my own and having to meet and talk to lots of new people was not something that I’d usually ever consider. But I needed a change from the norm, so I went anyway and I’m so glad I did.

It was the first time I’d ever truly been on my own. Nobody was there waiting for me at the airport. I had to find my own way into the city center. Obviously, I got lost (got on the wrong bus from the airport). I ended up having to figure out signs in a different language to find out where the hell I was. It was my first experience of staying in a hostel, the first time I had to say ‘hi’ to complete strangers in dorms. It was all a little daunting at first but as soon as I’d found my hostel, put my small overnight bag in my locker and ventured out to explore the beautiful city of Prague, I realised that this trip was gonna change me for the better. Wandering around all the old buildings, castles, and ancient bridges, it suddenly occurred to me that I was completely anonymous. A stranger in a strange land. I had nobody to answer to. I was completely free to do anything I wanted for the next 4 days. And I loved it!

It changed my whole philosophy on life. I now have a true desire to see the world, much more than I have a desire to buy and own things that will ultimately just end up owning you.

So that’s why this blog exists. I’m off to explore the world and I wanted a place to document and save all my explorations and adventures, really just for my own future nostalgia. But if you’re still reading this and you want to follow what I get up to on my travels, great stuff! Just be sure to type your email address into the box over on your right (or scroll below if you’re on your mobile phone) and hit the subscribe button. You’ll then receive regular updates directly to your inbox.

My own personal quote:
“Life turns on a dime, so go live it before it stops spinning.”